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About Me

My photographic journey started in Montreal, Quebec, where I was born. We lived near a huge park called Murray Hill where we used to go sledding. The first photograph I ever took with a proper camera was of my mother. She was sitting on top of the hill, her auburn hair clipped back in little barrettes, looking pensively out onto the cityscape.  


When my mother passed away suddenly, I was just 18 and completely at a loss. Having already packed my bags and moved to Brooklyn, New York, I had no choice but to completely immerse myself in my art—my form of escape. I soon found my passion in photography and hid in a darkroom for the better part of four years, emerging from the wafts of chemistry a master printer.  


Shortly thereafter, I was thrown into into the professional world of digital as an assistant to a very eclectic architectural photographer. Between the client meetings via motorcycle and the aerials via helicopter, I learned the ins-and-outs of the digital photography realm. 

At long last, I was ready to fully launch myself. Though architectural photography provided a very exciting life, I was eager for subjects that showed a little more emotion and  turned my lens on humans. I loved documenting the milestones in families lives and it seemed to fill a void that office building interiors could not provide.


I got totally hooked on documenting joy.


The happiness I have since gained from my clients is immeasurable. I have forged close relationships with many of them throughout the years, often creating a library of images of different stages of their lives as they change and evolve. It has proved to be the greatest and most wonderful journey I could have wished for. 

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